Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fitness Testing and Fit Goals for 2015!

One of my 2015 resolutions is to make my fitness a priority again. So, Last week I focused on completing my baseline tests to help me design my personal fitness program for the next 20 weeks!

I usually follow ACSM recommendations when I test my lifts. I will do a warm up set of just the bar or 50% of what I think I will lift. If I have a spotter I will go for a true 1RM(repetition max); If I am lifting solo I'll use an estimated 3-5 rep max. Then I give myself at least 4 opportunities to max out. I tested Deadlift, Front Squat, Floor Press, Assisted Pull Up, Push Ups, and Curl Ups. Today I will just focus on my big 3.


I had a pretty solid Deadlift back in my crossfit days. I maxed out at just over 200lbs. I would like to surpass that kind of strength. I want to achieve a lift of 1.5 x body weight. I maxed out at about 20lbs shy of what I thought I would be able to lift. I have about 50 weeks, even if I only increase by 5lbs every 3 weeks over the entire year I can reach a 250 lb lift, every 2 weeks and I could hit 295! Increased strength is all about consistency and safe progression.

Front Squat

Pick a squat any squat. I chose front squat because it is easy to test alone, workout specific, and I don't have access to a squat rack at home. So if you have ever had to bail out of a squat you know that it can be loud and a potential hazard in a small gym. In front squat position I set the rack and if I can't finish the lift it is an easy release. My workouts will include cleans and squats, so I can use a percentage of the front squat to estimate the weight. One day I want to add a squat rack to my home gym, but right now I don't so my back squat is limited by what I can safely clean and press. I am aiming for body weight on this lift. So I'll either need to get stronger, or lighter. I choose stronger!

Floor Press
I went to the gym with every intent of maxing out on bench press like a beast! Alas, no one was there to spot me, so I took my testing home. I have a PVC rack set up and with my husband as spotter I was able to test floor press. I have plenty of room for improvement on this one, my previous best lift was about 75% of body weight. When I can hit a body weight press, that will be a great day!

Those are the major lifts I'll be chasing this year. The past few years were about helping others meet their goals and lifting for fun and stress relief. Now it is time to set and crush some new personal goals.

How will you reach your your Fit Goals in 2015?

Health and Happiness,

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Keep up the great work L!