Monday, February 9, 2015

2.8.15 Weekly Fitness Goals

I have slowly been building my cardio back up, aiming to run a 1/2 marathon with Alicia later this year. Since I pretty much do zero cardio outside of Just Dance and walking the dog, I started the year meeting ACSM recommendations at 150 minutes a week. Each week adding 20 minutes to my regimen. This week I'm up to 225 minutes. I don't run anymore so my cardio is usually airdyne, dancing, circuit training, and HIIT. I figure I'll work on building my cardio endurance first before I start hitting the pavement.

The first 8 weeks of the year I am focusing on cardio and monitoring my nutrition. However, I do aim for 2 days a week of weight training. Either heavy lifts or circuit training depending on my mood. My lift of choice is Deadlift and I love a solid Overhead Press set. My next phase I'll be moving into Strength and Hypertrophy, I can't wait. I love my lifts!

I am #bringingyogaback with the PrAna 12 day yoga challenge.
When I Yoga I usually practice Hatha Yoga to increase my flexibility and mobility, but enjoy challenging myself with other styles of Yoga. I used to practice weekly, but I have really fallen behind in my practice. So I am excited to take on this 12 day challenge. I'll be posting my attempts at each pose on Instagram, and following up on my experience here on the blog.

What is on your weekly fitness goal list?

Have a great week,
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