Wednesday, February 25, 2015

AFAA APEX Weekend: Kickboxing Certification

Another exciting AFAA APEX weekend has come to an end. I always try and take a certification or attend a workshop when APEX comes to town. This year I decided to try for my Kickboxing Certification.

From the time I started teaching group fitness, I have wanted to get my Kickboxing Certification.  I loved doing Turbo Kick at home and it helped me to lose weight without running. During undergrad at UGA I took Intro to Karate for my fitness requirement; It helped me develop proper form for kicks and strikes and I earned an Orange Belt in the process. When I came to Georgia Tech I took a sparring style boxing class to work on my agility, coordination, and punches. I have used those experiences to teach cardio kickboxing classes over the years. This year I made sure my schedule was open so that I could participate in the Kickboxing Certification.

It was a long day but it was a great investment. I got to meet some great people, gained some new skills, and earned my required CEUs. I look forward to applying some new drills and combos to my next classes. I hate I waited so long to take this cert!

What AFAA Workshop/Certification did you participate in during APEX weekend? Comment below and share your experience.

APEX is the start of my conference circuit. In July I have SCW and Blogfest. Then I usually end the year with September APEX. Let the fun begin!

Health and Happiness,

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