Friday, February 13, 2015

13 Exercises I Love

Happy Friday the 13th! It is the day before Valentine's Day and 13 is my favorite number. So I thought I would share 13 of the exercise I love!

Core Work
Core work is always an essential part of my programming. A strong core allows you to maintain more effective posture in your lifts and your daily activities. These are 4 of my favorite variations of core work.
13. Full Get Up (Turkish Get Up) 
12. Plank 
11. Hanging Leg Raises 
10. Ab Roll Out 

The Back Exercises
During bodybuilding season I became obsessed with building a big wide rippling back. I love all of these exercises because I can really load on the weight and feel the work starting at rep 1.
9. Seated Rear Delt Row 
8. Lat Pull Down 
7. Barbell Row 
6. Sgl Arm DB Row 

My Top 5
Here are my all stars! I can't go a week without programming in at least 1 of these.

5. Deadlift - I have learned to love this lift. I used to hate dead lifts, but the stronger I got the more I loved it. Great multi-joint move to build strength in the lower body.

4. Hang Clean - Ever since I met this lift during Crossfit I fell in love with it. A power move that hits the shoulders, back, legs, and core. As my shoulder mobility and overall strength improved so did this lift. If I had more space in my home gym I would do these way more often.

3. Push Press - My fave way to work my shoulders and sneak in some cardio and lower body work. The dip drive requires hip flexion and extension to press the bar overhead. The press works my delts and chest. The explosive total body movement elevates the heart rate.

2. Alt Rope Waves - Cardio and Shoulders, Win Win! Ropes were in the Top 3 of 10 for ACE exercises for the anterior deltoid. They also serve as a great way to get the heart rate up for people with lower body limitations. A great alternative for those of us with hip. knee, or ankle issues. Try a Tabata set of Rope waves and see if you like it, I love it!

And my Number 1 spot goes to............................

1. KB Swings - The swing is one of my favorite moves because with proper execution it has the ability to activate Glutes, Hamstrings, Core, Shoulders, and Cardio all in 1 low impact move. The KB is one of my favorite pieces of equipment because of its diversity of use: strength, power, muscular endurance, core, and intervals. Really what more could you ask for. 

These are the exercises that always find their way into my workouts and the workouts I design for clients

Did any of your favorites make the list?
Share on twitter and tell me the top 3 exercises you love.

Health and Happiness,

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