Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fall Semester Wrap Up

1 Year Anniversary, 2 New Classes, and the Return of Flirty Girl Fitness

Another semester at Georgia Tech has come to an end. I had some big successes and some classes did not go as well as I had hoped. For me it is all about expirementing and figuring out what works best for my community. I try, assess, and try again. Here are some of my reflections from the semester.

APPH 1050 Weight Training

We celebrated our 1 year anniversary of APPH this semester. I love teaching this class. It combines my love for exercise science and my abilities as a health educator and really allows me to make a huge impact on student fitness. Over the past 4 semesters I have helped over 100 students learn safe and effective weightlifting technique and customize their weight training programs. My students range from complete newbie to experienced Olympic and Power Lifters. They keep me on my toes and remind me to be flexible in my programming; they gave me some great ideas for next semesters class.  

Short Circuit 

This class was my baby and a new addition to the schedule.  I loved teaching this class. The turn out was not what I had anticipated, attendance was strong at the beginning of the semester but dwindled towards the end. The class really focused on incorporating strength training with cardio just to boost the heart rate. After talking with several participants I think they wanted more cardio based, high intensity, circuits. In the process I have created a full 12 week circuit program that I could implement anywhere. I will make a few tweaks and try again during summer semester.


Another newbie to the schedule. I really do think this program could work, but it was such a new idea that I would need to do a better job promoting it. My intention was for the class to be a way for the new exerciser to get in a workout through game play and for the experienced exerciser to put some fun into their workouts. I realized I had not properly promoted the class when one of my fellow instructors wanted to promote it but had no idea how to describe it to participants. That was my error in not marketing the class properly. Those who did attend really seemed to enjoy themselves. I do have a book full of game ideas now that I could incorporate in bootcamps or if I am asked to sub a class. Or if you are looking for fitness game ideas contact me. I have 12 weeks worth.

FlirtyGirl Fitness

An old favorite that I brought back to the schedule. Guess what? People still love dance fitness and I fell in love with FlirtyGirl all over again. Looking forward to new music and new dance moves in the new semester!

Did you try any new formats this semester? 
What worked? What didn't work?

Looking forward to a new semester and a new opportunity to improve the health of my community.

Health and Happiness,


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