Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving, Sales, and Rivalry Week

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend, mine was packed!

Started the day staying true to family tradition and watching the Macy's Day Parade while I fixed breakfast and cleaned around the house. After breakfast the hubs wanted to see Dumb and Dumber, so we took advantage of holiday matinee prices before heading to Thanksgiving Dinner. We headed down to my husband's mom's house for Turkey and desserts. Mmm dessert is my weakness. My intention was to workout post feast, but yeeeeah, tummy so full must pass out.

Friday I did some shopping. I had my eye on an AirDyne AD2 at sports authority the past few months. I got an early look at the add and knew it would be over 50% off! I absolutely had to have it at that price!

No more excuses for cardio when it gets cold and the gym is closed!

I also stopped by Home Depot for a few gifts.

What a pleasant surprise to see coffee, donuts, and a free omlette bar! HD may be my favorite place to holiday shop. They have a really great prices on indoor/outdoor holiday decor.

Once the shopping was done it was time to get in that workout! I decided to go with a KB and Barbell workout. I wanted something that would be physically challenging and get my heart rate up.

It worked, I was sweaty and panting at the end of the workout.

Saturday was game day. The big instate throwdown between the University of Georgia Bulldawgs and the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (GNATS).

A little background, I am a UGA Alumnae but spent the past 9 years working for Georgia Tech, my husband is a GT Alumn, so we are truly a house divided.

The food and sangria were a huge success. I offered up some red potatoes, steamed kale, and slow cooker chicken along with the regular game day goodies. I actually had to make 2 batches of kale! I was happy to hear they appreciated the option. The food was a definite win! The game on the other hand. Ugh!

The game started off great for me! But then that filed goal! That stupid field goal to take us in to overtime, arrrrgh it still hurts. 364 days of bragging rights for my techie husband, I hope he enjoys it. We are headed to the ACC Championship this weekend, my only consolation will be hopefully watching FSU suffer its 1st defeat.

So we lost the game but, I did get some good news on Saturday. I passed my CHES exam! 

I am re-certified as a Certified Health Education Specialist. I'll talk more about the decision to recertify in a future post.

So how was your Thanksgiving Holiday? Did you fit in a workout? Did your team win during rivalry week?

Health and Happiness,


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