Thursday, July 25, 2013

It's Atlanta Mania TIME!

Well it's the most wonderful time of the year! Time for my annual SCW Mania  experience :-D 

If you have not experienced the "high" that is being surrounded by enthusiastic, driven, educated, and supportive fitness professionals ... You are missing out! 

I think fitness pros might be some of the most positive people you'll meet, and its contagious! I always feel like I can take on the world after these conferences. 

If you would like a little taste of this excitement, and you're in the Atlanta Area this weekend, I highly encourage you to attend some of the free sessions taking place this weekend. Yes! I said free!

The state of the industry panel was the highlight for me last mania. I had taken a year off from teaching group fitness, I was burned out from teaching so many classes, and the panel inspired me. I left with a renewed since of purpose. Fitness can change people's life and I was an agent of that change! See its contagious ;-)

Well if I'm attending a workshop, you know I am getting a new training under my belt. This Mania I am taking the Trigger Point Therapy MCT level 1 course.

If you glance back at my body maintenance post you'll know I'm a believer in incorporating restorative work into your fitness program. I am looking forward to learning proper techniques to improve the mobility and function of my clients, athletes, and myself.

If you happen to be at the conference come say hi! I'll be working as a staff assistant all weekend. I'll be sporting my signature Flirty Girl Camo cap ;-)

To follow the mania action online look for #Mania13ATL

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