Sunday, August 26, 2012

7 weeks!

Started the week running low on protein, which is a crisis for a bodybuilder in competition prep mode.  And then I may I have gone a weee bit overboard, yaaaay sale at GNC.
I am a huuuuge fan of BSN powder formula, I had never tried the premix bottles, and decided I would try some new flavors: banana and strawberry. I have never liked Banana flavored anything, and protein is no exception. The strawberry was okay, ice cold would have probably been milkshake quality. After trying both i think I will stick with the vanilla ice cream powder its my fave (190 calories;22g Pro,13g CHO,6g Fat), if you shake it, then freeze, it taste just like ice cream! Yum!

Beverley International UMP Vanilla is my 12 week standard (120 calories;20g Pro,5g CHO,3g Fat). I love it with coffee and ice, hmmmm reminiscent of a Starbucks frappucino. GNC had their Optimum Nutrition protein on sale so I decided to give that a try, French Vanilla Creme (120 calories;24g Pro,4g CHO,1g Fat).  Not bad, but I prefer the taste of BSN or UMP. Within the same time frame my free sample of drinkclick Vanilla Latte came in (120 calories;15g Pro,12g CHO,1.5g Fat). Haven't tasted it yet, but looking forward to giving it a try.

Finished the week with a gymnastics workshop, posing practice, and house hunting.

Crossfit Around the corner hosted a gymnastic workshop for us to develop our skills on the bars, rings, and work on core and balance.  Perfect timing! I really wanted to develop the skills to achieve an unassisted headstand.

We started the days activity focusing on core exercises:
- the hollow
- superman
- L sit
- Plank
- Push Ups

Then we got inverted. I have a fear of injuring my neck, so inversion is a huge fear of mine. I have to tell myself I am strong enough and quick enough not to land on my face or my neck, and that the ground isn't that far away, and that my coach will not let me fall...this is what is running through my head while waiting to do my handstand...a few deep breathes...“think like a bumblebee and train like a racehorse” ... just get after it!
And I did!  Hehe, I don't think anyone realized how freaked out I was! But, I did it, I got inverted, twice!

Then we moved on to the kip.

I have the strength and the mobility, I just have to work on my technique. I will conquer you kipping pull up. As soon as my body can agree to push away, not drop down from the bar.

I learned lots of great techniques and exercises to work on at home and before WODs.

Then it was off to Amor Fitness and Nutrition for posing practice.
I am 7 weeks out from my next competition. Weighed in at 130.0, 3 lbs lighter than last year at the same time.  No real tweaks to the meal plan, adding in low intensity cardio 3 days a week., and adding a few more supplements: CLA, conjulated linoleic acid and L-Carnitine an amino acid .
Always consult with your physician before trying any supplement!
Even if your coach recommends it.

As a rule I do not recommend any supplements to my clients and always suggest they discuss any changes in supplements with their physician.  My least favorite part of the process is supplementing :-P

I was not in the market for a new suit, but Jen from A Suit to Remember was at the garage and had an offer I couldn't refuse.  What can I say I am a girl and the fabric is so shiny ;-)

I also need to select my music and start working on my routine.  I have a few ideas, but I'll have to see how things come together as the weeks go on.  In bodybuilding we have 60 secs to showcase our personality and display our best poses choreographed to our choice of music. It is my favorite part of bodybuilding!

Week 7 is always good, week 6 gets tougher, week 5 to 4 is complete beast mode!
Show number 3 here I come! Where has the time gone?

Health and Happiness

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