Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Week 9 *60days*

Well, well, well, we are about 9 weeks out from my next competition.
I am excited, it is nice seeing separation and definition pre-cardio, carb restriction, and super supplementing.

But, what's more important than being 9 weeks out!!! This Monday was my anniversary, and I won't lie I went a lil off meal plan for the weekend.

Pre-road trip I finally cashed in my Spa Sydel gift certificate my husband gave me as a wedding gift. It was amaaaazing.  I think the message therapist was shocked at how tight I was. I told her I work out about 2 times a day, she asked if I ever stretched, of course I do :-P But, she pointed out that I was suuuper tight in my upper back, shoulders, hamstrings, and the muscles around the IT band.  She did offer some helpful tips and suggested I utilize salt baths and steam rooms to loosen things up. All I know is that was a great start to the weekend!

After my massage, and vastly over-packing as usual, Me and the husband drove down to Savannah, Ga for our 1 Year anniversary.  Well, he drove I slept ;-)

Savannah is where we took our 1st road trip together, and it is where he proposed. So It was only fitting to go there for our weekend.

Night 1, I made the mistake of not packing my dinner, soooo I had a five guys double burger with lots of veggies: green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and removed the bun. Pretty sure they would have thought I was crazy if I'd requested no bun.

We stayed at a B and B so the next morning I had egg patties, a sausage patty, coffee, and a banana. Sigh, I left my oatmeal at home so a banana would have to suffice for my carbs. Snack - UMP protein shake. For lunch I had grilled chicken, stuffed with sausage, swiss cheese, and spinach, with a side of broccoli and a couple of sweet potato fries. Snack - UMP protein shake.

That evening we went to The Olde Pink Hose for dinner it was delicious. I had pan fried flounder, with collard greens, and grits. UMP-Protein shake for dinner.

Then we made our way back to the B and B and toasted the weekend with a taste of Admiral Rodney, the rum we bought on our honeymoon.

The next morning was back to the norm. With egg patties and coffee. Snack-UMP Protein shake. Jimmy Johns beach club unwich, a turkey lettuce wrap and water. Snack - Ump Protein.  Chicken with peppers and Teryaki for dinner.

Then for your anniversary it is tradition to share your topper with your husband. I am competitive, but you only get one 1st anniversary. So I enjoyed my strawberry cake with my husband, guilt free ;-) 

I am only human, and in the grand scheme of things my marriage and this weekends memories are worth the extra work I'll have to put in over the next 9 weeks!

Also...I did weigh-in after our cheat weekend, I could not resist, only + 0.2 pounds.

So cheers to the next 60 days of clean eating and hard work!

Health and Happiness


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