Monday, August 20, 2012

Yoga Like a Rockstar

Today I grabbed my sister and we headed to The Georgian Terrace for ScoutMob's "Yoga Like a Rockstar" event with Tough Love Yoga.

We got there early and managed to snag a great spot, front and corner!

The lovely ladies of scoutmob and Tough Love Yoga give a brief history of the Electric Ballroom and its musical history. It is GT's 100 year anniversary and the room we were in was used for performers like K.I.S.S.
Metal Yoga. Our instructor described it as finding the calm amongst the chaos, becoming the eye of the storm.  The artist of the day, "Isis".

Attempting a shoulder stand

It is a really cool concept and I found it extremely easy to focus, the music was actually calming in its own way it really just seemed to fade out. I was amazed at how easy it was to focus on the instructor and my breathe.

"Keeping a playful attitude, while being serious about the yoga" loved this statement by our instructor! I was able to get a great workout, challenge myself, and laugh at myself all at once. Great experience!

Afterwards I sampled the pineapple mint detox and enjoyed a spread of fresh veggies and fruit (veggies only for me).

It was sooo much fun! Got to hang out with my lil sister, and had the opportunity to enjoy a new fitness experience.  Pumped and ready for the next one :-)

Health and Happiness


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