Saturday, April 4, 2015

Peachtree Prep: Week 1

I have 13 weeks to prepare for the Peachtree! I spent the last week putting together my training schedule. I have scheduled 3 days of moderate/vigorous cardio, 2 days of moderate cardio, 1 day of moderate/light cardio, and 3 days of strength training with 1 full day of rest. This is a method I have used in the past that has allowed me to maintain my muscular conditioning while improving my cardiovascular fitness. As my training progress I will make adjustments as needed.

Increasing My Cardio
So, I do not get in very much cardio these days, with the exceptions of FlirtyGirl and Just Dance. So my goal for the 1st 4 weeks is to at least meet the ACSM recommendations of 150 minutes per week. I am estimating my long runs will take a minimum of 12 minutes. So then I just need to space out my cardio appropriately the other days of the week. I am going to try the Jeff Galloway Run/Walk/Run method this time, so I will need to complete my "magic mile" run test this weekend.

Changing Up My Weight Training Focus
I'll be transitioning from strength based to more endurance based training. For me that means I'll be switching over to higher reps and shorter rest periods. I'll also be incorporating high intensity circuit training because it incorporates both of those elements. I have already created a kettlebell circuit that I'll be doing every Monday. I am so excited to program kettlebells back into my personal workouts.

I Need Shoes
After putting together my master schedule I realized I don't own any running shoes. I own a pair of minimalist cross trainers and my chuck's for lifting. I ran in the minimalist last year, and I am just not conditioned well enough to run in them this year without potentially injuring myself again. Have you ever tried running in chuck's? They are heavy and clunky, not great for run training. Previously, my best races were run in New Balance trainers. So, I think I am going back to New Balance. I am between the 711 Heathered and the 711 Print. I'll be breaking in my new running shoes this weekend for my mile run.

Are you currently in training for a run?
How is your training going?

See you on the track!

Health and Happiness,

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