Tuesday, December 4, 2012

On the 1st day she tried... On the 4th day Success!

Hey there ... I know I haven't been around lately ... But, I'm back!

At the Great Tree in Atlantic Station

So to start the month I'll recap what I've been up to.

Went back to the alma mater last weekend for the UGA v GT game!
The annual rivalry week paper put together by GT, since I work there I get a copy :-P
On our way to Downtown Athens on the Stadium shuttle

Our out of town guest Ruchi and Nirav, at least they are supporting the right team

Hot apple cider on a football afternoon in Athens

Inside Sanford Stadium

We got great seats

The hubs not so excited about how things are going

It's almost over now!

We were victorious! Instate champions!

Thursday the hubs got us tickets to the Falcons v. Saints game. My 1st game of the season!

Outside the dome

Inside the dome from the 300 section

Me and the hubs

And another victory!

Saturday I started the day with an arm shaking leg quivering crossfit workout. We also started our handstand challenge.

Then it was time to get ready for some college football.

UGA v. Bama for the SEC championship!

It was a hard fought game, all the way to the last few seconds! But, we weren't able to secure a victory :-( Our boys played with tons of heart and hopefully earned the respect of the rest of the SEC.

I was looking forward to relieving some stress from the game with Hatha yoga at Crossfit Around the Corner. We had a great turn out for class! Looking forward to getting to know everyone and helping them meet their goals.

After that I worked on my kipping pull-up and my Overhead Squat technique. Both are showing vast improvements. We found out this week that the Crossfit Open will kickoff March 7th. We don't know what's coming! It will be my 1st time participating. I just want to put up some competitive numbers. Lots of work to put in til March ...3...2...1...GO!

Health and Happiness

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