Monday, December 31, 2012

I Bet Santa Crossfits!

I hope everyone had a fit and festive holiday!  I know I have thoroughly enjoyed my time off!

Kicked off my vacation Friday with a workout and a trip to Athleta in Atlantic Station.

It was there open house event and my 1st time experiencing there fitness wear. There clothes are ridiculously high quality. I am vert textural and loved the feel of there products, and their staff was extremely attentive and friendly, great customer service. It wasn't just about the clothes tho. I was also able to get on their fitness schedule for January 13th Tabata and the 27th for Flirty Girl Fitness.

Then Saturday Me, the hubs, and my lil sis went up to Helen, Ga for wine tasting.  Ummm guess who left there ID at home and didn't realize it til they reached the winery, this girl! Luckily I have been before so I was able to be a good host and get the husband to by the bottles I wanted, crisis averted!

1st stop, Habersham Winery in Nanoochee village.

Then Nora's Mill for locally milled flour and Jumping Goat Coffee for a caffine boost.

Then we made our way into the Helen village, where Alicia played nice with big Santa.

After Helen, we went and picked up our new family member Gus!

He is an early Christmas present for my husband who has been wanting a dog for years.

Sunday was yoga, deadlifts, box jumps, and burpees.

Monday kicked off a week of crossfit. We did a hero's workout, "Victoria", these are my favorite, they are inspiring and intense. 

Victoria was the Sandy Hook teacher that hid all her kids when the gun man came to her classroom. She died protecting the lives of her students. I was humbled and honored to do a workout in her name.

Tuesday, Christmas! I got lots of awesome gifts, including a giftcard to Athleta, Just Dance 4, and a beanie to get through the cold weather.

Wednesday, I achieved a PR of 105 on my floor press

and rocked my overhead squats, still need a little more depth to reach the CF standard but I'm getting there.

Thursday was a Crossfit birthday workout for my lil sis!

Friday, we worked on Sumo deadlift, with a MetCon of DB snatches and pull ups.

I achieved a PR on my Sumo Deadlift at 205lbs

then Alicia PR'd at 215lbs, siblings ;-) she keeps me motivated, no slacking with her around.

Saturday, kipping work and super team WOD.

We did a little bit of everything in this one including tire flips and my nemisis the kick up handstand. But, forcing me to do at least 10 is a good way to conquer the fear.  1st 5 were ugly 2nd 5 were solid kick ups!

We took Gus for his 1st vet visit and all is well on the puppy front! He has one command so far, he has a really good sit ;-)

I have a few more days of vaction time, and I am loving it!

Enjoy your friends and family this season,
See you in the New Year!

Health and Happiness

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