Wednesday, July 25, 2012

SCW Kickoff Tomorrow!

Tomorrow I will be participating in Yoga Fundamentals I by Lawrence Biscontini.

Why would a bodybuilder be interested in Yoga? Strength without flexibility isn't functional and I want to promote well rounded life long fitness.  Bonus: Increased flexibility and range of motion can lead to increased strength performance, a tight shortened muscle has no where to go.

I am thinking long term. I have dabbled in a little bit of everything in the fitness industry, and I have always been able to appreciate a great yoga class. I have often participated in auditions and evaluations of Yoga instructors, but could only approach it from the "teaching" aspect. When the time comes that I am responsible for hiring a Yoga instructor, I need to be able to evaluate whether the moves they are doing are safe and appropriate for clients. If I am managing a facility and a Yoga instructor is not available, I want to be able to step in and lead a basic class.  I feel in the fitness industry it is important to be a jack of all trades, and having the opportunity to learn so many different components of fitness is why I love this industry.
Got my mat, attire, and manual, let's get flexible!

Health and Happiness,


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