Tuesday, July 24, 2012

12 Weeks!

April 7th was my 2nd competition. It went great I placed 2nd in Open Women's bodybuilding!

I spoke with the judges and they told me to work on developing my back, my quads, and eat a whole lot of protein.

So for the past 13 weeks that's what I did. I went heavy in the gym, ate more protein than ever with the help of my coach Adele of @amorfitnut.  So now we are 12 weeks out from my next competition!

Sunday was my last cheat meal. I had a craving for fried buffalo chicken tofu from whole foods and mac and cheese, so I hit the buffet! I got the tofu, curried beef, mac and cheese, collards, squash, and pound cake. Whole foods makes the best pound cake! Nothing better than to read the ingredients list on a dessert and recognize all of them.

Oh yes, and a glass or 2 of Savida Sangria, I tasted this for the 1st time at the Friends of Dogwood Pavillion at the Dogwood Festival.  I have been hooked ever since.

Monday was the 1st day of the meal plan.  It actually has been a really great start so far. I was eating clean during the week and only engaging in cheat meals on the weekends. So getting back on the meal plan was not as huge a leap as last competition.

There are a few new items on the list.  Including Egg Beaters egg whites.  I usually just buy the bulk eggs at Kroger, but it does seem wasteful to toss out so many egg yolks.  So when I purchased what I though were just eggwhites I was surprised to see a list of at least 5 other ingredients including Xanthium Gum.  All I wanted were egg whites! Went back to the store today and got the 100% Egg Whites.

Other than that lil hiccup pretty much the usual as far as meal plan and grocery list.  Oh oh and I get grapefruit this year! 

This week at the SCW conference will be the real test of my will power.  I will be in workshops all weekend long, thankfully I have my 6-Pack system to keep me on track.

Really looking forward to the conference.  This will be my 3rd year attending, 2nd year as a staff assitant.    SCW is a great way to get ideas for fitness classes and training techniques and an incredible chance to meet other fitness professionals from the south east. Also, super affordable way to get your CEU's for most fitness agencies.

My husband plans to kidnap my laptop during the convention. But, I will have my Windows Phone for twitter updates throughout the conference. Be on the lookout for twitter updates!

Time to prep some food and hangout with the husband.

Health and Happiness,


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