Sunday, January 29, 2012

A set back is not a failure

I almost completely broke on my diet today.

This week has been brutal, and I am just exhausted.
I was up at 5AM Tues and Wednes, left my food at home on Tuesday and missed my workout to come back and get it.I have been staying up too late, so I have been hitting my eating cycle again.

Last night I ate a couple of vanilla chips as a late night sweet snack, I should not have done it, I should have had my 2nd serving  of vanilla protein shake.  So that was slip #1.

This afternoon I was completely exhausted and craving something sweet again.  So I added a tsp of honey to my rice cakes and almond butter that was pretty good.  But, I still managed to grab another serving of vanilla chips, slip #2.  I really can not keep things that are not part of my meal plan

This evening was one last test for the weekend. I was starving, and trying to find a way to break my diet and not feel bad about it.  Maybe some chicken strips or chicken teriyaki.  I had run out of ground turkey breast, I failed to plan ahead.  I had a taste for something salty or sweet or greasy.  I was on a very slippery slope.

So at the last minute.  I made the decision. I will be strong, I will just make the best turkey burger I have ever made.  We hit the grocery store and I picked up 4 pounds of ground turkey picked up some not so healthy food for the husband and got to work in the kitchen.

MMMMmmm it was delicious.  4 oz ground turkey, sauteed onions, 6 pickles chopped, and hot sauce all mixed in. Heated a pan with a splash of olive oil.  Sauteed a side of green beans with a dash of seasoning.  It was sooooo good. It was definitely worth it.  I am so glad I decided to stay on track.

For me, cheating on my diet is a very slippery slope.  So it is better for me to just stay on track.
Wooooo, but it was hard.  Plan ahead and prepare your food in advance and perfect the process.  I know that is how to be successful.  So back on track.  The fridge is stocked and I am good to go for tomorrow and the rest of the week.

So I had some minor setbacks this week, I could have just decided to go completely off meal plan, but instead I stayed true to my commitment to myself, recognized the mistake and got back on track.  Remember a setback is not a failure, unless you quit. A setback is an opportunity to make better choices.
Make better choices :-)

Health and Happiness


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Tashawn Howell said...

Great job L! I'm proud of you for staying on track!