Friday, January 20, 2012

Re-Evaluating Your Resolution

So, we are about 3 weeks into the New Year.
Have you been meeting your fitness resolutions?
Or have you been falling short?
Or, have you hit a barrier that you need help to overcome?

Maybe your goal is not right for your body type or timeline?
Whenever I work with a client the first thing we do is establish goals. We start off pretty general and then we use the ACE SMART goals system to clarify their goals. The end result is making sure we establish customized goals that are attainable for the client.

SMART goals are:

S – Specific: goals should clearly state what should be accomplished; the process (who,what, when,where, why, how?) required and the product to be accomplished.

M – Measurable: there must be a way of measuring progress towards the goal; frequency, weight, time, distance, inches etc.

A – Attainable: this is where a great trainer comes in, they can help you determine realistic goals based on individualized factors and fitness recommendations

R – Relevant: the goal should be related to the individuals needs, interest, or ability.

T – Time Specific: Goals must contain an estimated timeline for completion.

Process Goals, something a client does a certain number of times to achieve a product goal.
Product Goals, these are your end products as a result of the process goals.

So let’s use the SMART system to break down one of my goals, and hopefully it will help you set your own specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time specific goal.

I want to place in the top 3 for my division in a bodybuilding competition this year.

Specific - Who – me!, What – Place top 3 in a bodybuilding competition, When – April 7th, Where – SNBF, Why – to earn a pro card one day. Process goals include: Including moderte to vigorous intensity of cardio 5-6 days a week to decrease body fat (product goal); Strengh training 5-6 days a week focusing on the legs to increase lean body mass and improve muscular definition (product goal).

Measureable - My weaknesses last year were muscle size and definition, especially in my legs. I would like to increase my lean muscle mass and decrease my body fat percentage. All measureable.

Attainable - My trainer and I think it is an attainable goal. She thinks we can get me down to about 13-15% body fat, which would put me at about 5 pounds lighter than my last competition. I retained my muscular strength, it is more about following her nutrition plan and fitness plan. Last year I I went rogue on the eating, alcohol was my biggest obstacle. I am completely commited this year. We have 15 weeks, I have lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks, if I can maintain that over the course of the next 13 weeks we should get there.

Relevant I am competitive. My trainer thinks I have a good body for it. I have access to a great training facility and a great support system. And, I really think its fun to strut on stage and get trophies for being in great physical shape.

Time Specific - Oh yes. We have 15 weeks and a deadline. April 7th. And then we’ll have another deadline and another ;-)

So keeping that in mind, my SMART goal would be:

To strength train 5-6 days a week and follow my trainers nutrition plan so that I can drop my body fat by 10 - 15% and increase my muscle definition, and then place in the top 3 for my division in the April 7th bodybuilding and fitness competition.

That is how you turn a good goal into a SMART goal ;-)

It starts with a goal, your goal is your game plan, wirte it down, post it on your calendar. Now go get it!

Here are 2 links form the ACE website to help you make and meet your goals:

Resolute Resolutions
Health and Happiness,


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