Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Super Natural Body Building and Fitness Pro & Amateur Event

(from the competition November 6th)

The SNBF competition was soooo much fun !!!

I spent the majority of my weekend post competition imagining myself standing on stage with rippling muscles striking various poses.  Oh yeah I walked around my friends striking poses ;-)  I can't help it I am a fitness geek!  I will most definitely be in attendance at the Mr/Ms Olympia in Vegas next year.  Bodybuilding competitions are like dragoncon for fitness geeks!

I was so in awe by all of the competitors.  There definition and symmetry was amazing.  One of the female competitors had lost over 100 pounds.  The age of the competitors ranged from teens to 75.  It was just so empowering seeing all these competitors who look so phenomenal and it was all natural.  One of the guys bios included how he did not water or carb restrict and  he was soo defined. 

I was expecting each person to just walk out and strike a couple of poses , but this was much more than a pose off, it was a production.  First all the contestants walk out and line up together.  Then they each strike their mandatory poses.  Then the real fun begins, the individual displays.  The MC reads a short bio and then the contestant does a 60 to 90 second choreographed demonstration of poise and strength to music that reflects their personality and style.  The figure competitors get to wear costumes! And some of the bodybuilders wore costumes as well.  It is sooooo much more than posing and soooo entertaining from the figure contestant dressed as wonder woman and the other dressed as iron man (my 2 favorites) and the male body builder performing as a jabbawockeez dancer.

I was also really impressed with the female body builders, they were not as manly as I had assumed, they were very feminine looking, basically more muscularly defined than figure.  So that made me think, that maybe, I could do bodybuilding?...novice bodybuilding. 

If you are a fitness professional or enthusiast and you have never been to one of these shows you are missing out! I definitely plan to make catching a show an annual thing.  It really inspired me to get back on track , maybe one day I can be on stage posing and rippling.  ;-)

Check out this link to see photos from the November 6th show : SNBF

If anyone knows of any other shows going on in Atlanta let me know, this was my first one, and it was sooo much fun.

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