Tuesday, November 23, 2010

1/2 Marathon Training: Week 12

Mode: Participant Back to Abs Class
Time: 40 minutes
Calories: 158

Mode: Teach Sweat and Burn
Time: 49:34
Calories: 436

Mode: Teach Cardio Kickboxing
Time: 40:12
Calories: 423

Mode: Course Run
Distance: 13.1 miles
Time: 2:18:20
Calories: 1813

Mode: GRAVITY Personal Training Class
Time: 7 hours

Course Run:
So this weekend was a big weekend.  It was course run time.  Towards the end of our training we do one last long run as a group, and we run the actual course! I was excited and nervous.  Looking back over my logs I can see my training intensity was tapering off the past 2 weeks, and this week I was sick so I only cross trained and did not do any running training.  So I contacted one of my running buddies and we decided we would help pace each other through the run.  Last year I got my first stress fracture and could not do any training for a month after the run. I was on complete impact rest, even walking was painful. So yes, I was nervous about doing a course run and injuring myself before the run.

So we met up in the gold lot at turner field and the run coaches informed us about last minute route changes and encouraged us to run in pairs or small groups for safety.  In my head I just keep thinking did I wear enough layers, too many layers, is my ankle gonna be okay, is my run partner gonna be a whole lot faster than me and have to leave me, will I get lost? We make our way to the start line and my run partner decides I can set the pace - I am cold, I hope I don't get lost, I hope I don't hurt myself. And off we go. Mile 1 to 6 no problem for us, nice steady pace, actually quicker than I anticipated, about 6 MPH/10:00. We nearly missed the sign to mile 5, luckily the run coach was only a few paces ahead of us, and then we hit Piedmont park.  So we decided to take an extended water/powerade stop to check out our course map - if you have never been to Piedmont park it is HUGE and this is not a place you want to make a wrong turn.  Now there is a group of about 15 of us trying to decide where to go next, then our run coach saved us and guided us through the park.

After Piedmont it was pretty smooth sailing,for the next 2miles except all the stopping.  It was killing my momentum, plus all the sudden stops were causing all the blood to rush from my muscles to my digestive track and kept causing me pain.  Then we turned down boulevard and had to make another decision, high road or low road, at this point we also passed the walk for peace going on in town,  an onlooker pointed out the directions the previous runners went. Once we hit Oakland cemetery we hit our 10 mile marker, and amazingly I was feeling really good but, I decided I should pull my pace back just in case.

Now I feel it. Luckily not in the ankles but the feet and muscles of the leg are just getting fatigued. Mile 11 through 12 are pretty much an incline and I don't like it.  My arms are sore, my abs are sore, and my feet are sore.  I pull back even more, I don't want to injure my ankles or muscles. I pull it back to just quicker than a walk. It is mile 13 and on a race day I would absolutely book it and sprint down the hill pass the Olympic rings, so I have to block that out and ease it on in. 2:18:20

Yaaaay I survived my course run!!! No limp, general muscle soreness but nothing horrible. I guzzle down as much powerade and and water as I can and dive into the samples of larabars. MMMmmm Powerade never tasted so good.  I feel confident I will do great at the actual race and I am thinking I can safely finish in 2:10 minutes and take off 5 minutes from my time last year.

1/2 marathon goal: 13.1 miles in 2:10

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