Thursday, July 29, 2010

SCW Mania 2010

Today's adventure in Fitness...

Flirty Girl Fitness Professional Instructor Certification

SCW Outdoor Boot Camp Certification

Countdown to training...

Just completed my Flirty Girl Fitness Certification. It was amaaaazing. Flitry Girl Fitness: Booty Beat is NOT striptease, it is fitness based choreography from the creators of Flirty Girl. Fun Flirty dance moves, with cardio intervals that got me up to 180 BPM and kept me between 130 and 170 most other times. That is pretty amazing for a choreography based class!!! The moves were fun and fairly easy taking moves from all genres of popular dance. With moves like "flash dance", "the old school" - similar to the carlton dance, "the cow girl", "pulp fiction" - haha yeah like the moves John Travolta busted out . I am looking forward to trying to get some things running.

Got my next certification in about an hour, time to fuel up and head out.

The last certification was brutal , just got some dinner into me a few minutes ago. But, I am now also a Certified Outdoor Boot Camp Instructor. Yaaaaaay!!! I learned some really great body weight combos that I can not wait to start implementing with clients.

So I am only 1 certification away from being ready to Launch my business. I will probally be doing a few teaser classes at various studios until I am ready to launch.

I am very excited!!!

Health and Happiness


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