Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shopping Trial #1

So attempt number 1 was not an epic fail, but I know I can do better.

From store #1 I bought:
- 2 bags of Spring mix salad (sale)
- 2 pints of fresh blueberries (sale)(this should get me thru 2 weeks if I freeze the 2nd pint)
- less than a pound of georgia peaches(sale)
- 3 plain chobani greek yogurts (sale)(I should try and buy bulk yogurt if I can, i like to eat yogurt daily and I only have 3 in stock, that won't last all week)
total = $13.11

From store #2 I bought:
- Organic Cage Free Eggs (sale)(this was a mistake, I'll stick to store brand next time)
- Frozen veggies (sale)
- 2 cartons silk vanilla soy milk (sale)
- fresh grape tomatoes
- fresh broccoli
- 1 pint fresh strawberries (sale)
- rotisserie chicken deli prepared ( impulse buy, soooo hungry)
- 2 boxes Special Kay Protein Plus cereal (sale)
total = $31.67

GRAND TOTAL = $44.78

My budget was $42 but I wound up spending $45, :-( that's what happens when you shop at 2 different stores and don't keep the receipts with you I also got over charged by $2 on organic eggs, which I only purchased because onsale they were only $1 more than regular eggs. I also bought some fresh tomatoes and a rotisserie chicken that weren't on my list, the chicken was an impulse buy because I was so hungry after eating oatmeal all day.

As you can tell from my list that is really not enough food to last me a month.
Luckily I have a cabinet of pasta, rice, and canned goods as well as a freezer stocked with frozen chicken. This should still help me not overspend. Now that I look at it, I have plenty of food in my home and have no real excuse for how much I have been spending out.

So what I have learned for next go around:
- coupons
- I have heard fruit at the farmer's market is a whole lot cheaper
- stick to my list
- do not shop hungry

We'll see how I do next month.

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