Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1 year to go!!!

July Recap

100 Push Ups - got through week 3 this time whoohoo

Bikini Workout - got through week 3 of this workout, dropped 4lbs, and reeeeally toned my calves and hamstrings.

$2 a day - OMG I was starving most days, and relied on free food at work functions, lunch and dinner visits with my family, and fiance feedings.

So what's going on this month

Bridal FitCamp!
It is the 1 year countdown!!!
Gotta stay in shape and be shapely and toned by August 2011.
I am into my 2nd micro-cycle which includes INSANITY round 2!!!

1/2 Marathon Training
First run was this past weekend.
4 miles: 11 miles per hour

Starting My Business
I will be competing in a local business plan competition in October.

Health and Happiness


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