Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Best Moments From August

I know I have been a bit off the grid during by the month of August. Life has been been really exciting this past month. Here is a look at the highlights.

4 Year Anniversary Trip to Hilton Head

We celebrated our 4 year wedding  anniversary on the 13th. This year we changed it up and took a trip out to Hilton Head, South Carolina. It was our first time to Hilton Head and we loved it.

The hubs started the weekend with a beautiful bouquet of my favorite flowers.

Then we made our way to the Westin Resort & Spa.

We sampled each of the restaurants and I tried out all the fitness amenities. I tried their NewBalance gear lending program, fitness center, walking trail, and spa. 

Full review on the blog Thursday.

Lecturer for APPH 1050

I can add Lecturer to my list of skills. I taught my 1st class as an instructor for APPH 1050 at Georgia Tech. I was up all night reviewing and editing slides. I was so anxious in the hours leading up to my 1st class. But, once I was in front of all 150 students, I found my groove. I felt so comfortable. I know the content, the challenging part will be finding creative ways to present the information to the students. Challenge accepted!

A first year said I made the class really comfortable and thanked me. Day made! Looking forward to this new journey. Being a fitness geek has its perks! 

Move It Monday Ambassador 

I became part of the Move it Monday family. Move it Monday is an international movement to encourage our communities to move more, beginning on Mondays. Excited to be part of this motivational group of fitness geeks.

What were your highlights for the month of August?

Looking forward to a great September. Football season is here and classes are in full swing. Ready for Fall!

Health and Happiness,


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