Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What's on My Plate: Plated Mushroom and Leek Udon with Tofu and Spinach

This weekend another awesome plated box arrived. I chose a vegetarian dish and a hearty chef's table plate. I like to try recipes with ingredients I would not readily buy or recipes that just look and sound appetizing. Sunday night we tried the Udon.

All of the products straight out the box
Food prep always takes more time for me than what is listed on the recipe card. I like reading through the whole card and having everything laid out before I start. But, each time prep to plate gets easier.

My food prep station
The hardest part of prep for this one was the chopping. My knife skills are still pretty rough, but I am learning new tricks each time. A sharp knife makes chopping and mincing things like fresh ginger much easier.

The smell was amazing. The ginger and garlic was so aromatic. Mmmmm just thinking about it is making my mouth water again.

The final product
This was my 1st time cooking with tofu. I was not sure how my husband would react to a vegetarian dinner. Guess who loved every bite. That lets you know how good it was.

For us, it made way more than 2 servings. It made about 4. I am still eating from it. It was great as a dinner and made an even tastier lunch the next day.

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Alicia said...

How did you cook the tofu?!

Larissa said...

Hey Alicia, I added it end during the last 3 minutes of cooking. Just long enough to heat it up.