Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is my favorite holiday.
Decorations, costumes, scary movies, and fall flavoured treats!  My sister and I joke that I prep for Halloween the way most people prep for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We had pumpkin oatmeal cookies

And pumpkin caramel blondies, 1st attempt and these were amazing!

A Witch's Brew of Apple Cider Sangria

And my traditional Sweet Potato Shepard's Pie and kale.

My own tradition as of Halloween 2010. 

I appreciate the DIY costumes. So I try to piece together character costumes based on as much of my own clothing as I can. This year I was Marge Simpson and my husband was a Halloween Hipster.

Last year I discovered that Halloween is a pretty big deal in our neighborhood. They block off our culdesac to keep kids safe and cars out. People from neighboring communities and apartments park all along the entrance of our community down to the pool house. Then they get out and trick or treat.

Last year I got stuck in Halloween traffic and ran out of candy. This year I was home and had a surplus of treats!

We had a great time handing out treats to the kids. I think our door turned out great!

We even had sound effects connected to our lights.

The rain and drop in temperature slowed things down compared to last year. 

A little before 9 we closed up shop to head out to Halloween part 2 at our friends home. All in all I'd say another great Halloween at our house.

We saw many Elsas, superheroes, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

So what costume did you see the most often?

Do you have any Halloween traditions?

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

Health and Happiness,

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