Monday, November 10, 2014

Flag Football, Baby Shower, and Friendsgiving

Saturday was back to back events!

Started the morning with a trip into the city for the husbands flag football playoff game. 

They did not win, but it was fun to watch. He did manage to successfully recruit me and my sister for next season. If they need ladies for their roster, we're in!

Then we cleaned up and rode OTP to celebrate our friends baby shower.  

So neither me nor my husband have lots of baby experience. We did not win at 1 handed baby diapering. 

After a few more shower games we headed home to prep for Friendsgiving. 

The annual gathering of my UGA/APO friends, their spouses, and new friends.  The hubs prepped a cucumber tomato salad, yup the Brown's brought a salad, no one was surprised. 

It was so great to see everyone. We even scheduled a play date for Gus with our friends new pup.

We had a very busy weekend. But so much fun!

I hope you had a great weekend too!

Health and Happiness

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