Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Ah-Ha Moment at BlogFest

Last week I took my 1st trip to sunny California for BlogFest and Idea World Fitness.

I spent Thursday and Friday learning from my peers during scheduled sessions and multiple social events. 

There were special guest workouts: Piyo with Chalene Johnson, Yoga with Tara Stiles, and Boot Camp with Shauna Harrison.

We had the opportunity for Q&A with brands and Fitness Celebrities Cassey Ho and Jillian Michaels.

Cassey Ho gave great tips for expanding your brand including considering your brand as part of you. Whether it is a news letter or a product, you are sharing a little bit of you with the product you share. I was really impressed with Jillian Michaels Keynote. She was funny and real, sharing her success and failures, and completely shattered my original impression of her. She encouraged me to have an open mind, to embrace failure as an entry point for learning, and to believe I deserve success; Why Not Me?!

I had 2 big realizations during our conference.

1. I have support, I am part of a community:
When I sit in front of my laptop and begin to type there is this feeling of solitude. Just me, my thoughts, and my keyboard. It can be liberating and intimidating. Being at Blogfest reminded me that I am part of a community. So instead of looking at writing as a solo tasks I am viewing it is a chance to check in with my community of bloggers, fitness professionals, and fitness enthusiasts. Hi there!

Top photo regram from @blogfest @fitappraoch; bottom center photo regram from @gritbybrit
2. Why not Me? :
My favorite part of blogfest was getting to meet a variety of bloggers: Foodies, Photographers, Fitness Enthusiasts, Fitness Professionals, Yogis, Runners, Entrepreneurs, and Trail Blazers. Most of the people I spoke with were very open about sharing their story and their journey.  As I was sharing my story, I realized that some of the biggest moments over the past 2 months had been brewing in my heart and mind but I had not shared them, but I was sharing it now and I was getting the feedback that I needed to move forward. People were relating to what I had to say, we all have a story worth sharing. Some of us excel at video, public speaking, or photography, but there is room for all of us to be successful. So why not me? It is time to "Commit and Conquer" - Amalia

This community is amazing.  I feel energized, inspired, and empowered. Thank you, Thank you, Thank You, Jamie, Alyse, Becky, Fitapproach, and the BlogFest community.

Health and Happiness,


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