Thursday, July 31, 2014

Making Every Move Count with EveryMove

Last month during FitBloggin, several people mentioned this New App EveryMove that you can use and get rewards for all the activity that you are already doing. My interest was peaked and I put the name in the back of my head for future reference. This month FitApproach offered me the opportunity to use EveryMove and write a review.

EveryMove came at the perfect time for me! July was full of activity from running the Peachtree, Walking all around Nashville, and Volunteering at SCW Mania. I racked up points and earned rewards fast! 

About the App:
EveryMove allows you to earn points towards rewards from sponsors.
- use any device you like to track your movements, everymove already syncs with some of the top devices and they are constantly adding more
- you can connect with friends and share your fitness journey or compete for a top spot on the leader board
- everymove has a diverse fitness library, the even had POUND and Zumba Listed
- at every level you earn a badge and REAL rewards!

For more on the perks of EverMove visit the FAQ page.

How I used it:
I currently don't own a polar loop, fuel band, jawbone, or any of the current fitness trackers, I am shopping around and EveryMove even has a link to help me choose the right device for me . I used a pedometer (I got it for free at a health fair) to track my daily steps, MapMyWalk (free app), MapMyRun (free app), and the EveryMoveApp(free app) to track my exercise.

During the 4th of July I ran 6.2 miles for the Peachtree. 

Then we traveled to Nashville to watch the fireworks. We really got in our steps walking around downtown Nashville.  

Then I earned major points during SCW Mania July 9th - 13th. 

I leveled up quickly after 5 days of "turn around "- moving fitness equipment around between presenters sessions and attending fitness sessions.

EveryMove encouraged me too move more throughout my day. If I add more steps I can get more points, I love earning points! Gus liked it to, I walk him more, I earn more points ;-) I even connected with an old friend who was also using EveryMove. We can "Share the Love" after active days, a 5 point Bonus! 

Added awesomeness. You can convert your points into a charitable donation if you like.

If you use a Fitness Tracker logging your points is even easier, you can sync your device and load activities instantly.

My favorite ways to earn points and sweat pink are weightlifting and groupfitness. I earned big points during my last lifting session. I have already earned a discount on Cellucor, donated to Make-A-Wish, and I am sweating my way towards 60% off Deluxe Whey. 

I am on my way to my next level and loving unlocking new rewards and sharing the love with my fellow Fit Geeks!

What devices or apps do you use to track your workouts?
Have you tried EveryMove?

Share your experiences in a comment below.

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