Friday, August 29, 2014

Circuits and A Weekly Play Date

This week is the start of a new semester at Georgia Tech! I decided I would bring 2 new formats to the schedule for fall.

Are you a fan of short and effective workouts? Me too! Circuit training could be your lunch time answer. Students, faculty, and staff can walk over on their lunch break and get in a full body workout and head back to class or their office. Shower is optional, it's completely acceptable to be the stinky kid if it is benefiting your physical and mental health.

Class will generally include 6-10 exercises and 30 to 60 seconds in length. Exercises are ordered to elevate the heart rate and allow for active recovery of muscle groups. Last weeks workout included shuttle run (cardio), squats (lower body), and row (upper body) as part of a total body workout. To learn more about the benefits of circuit training you can check out the Circuit Basics Article from ACE.

What do you look for in a workout? Fun? Sweat? That burn? My goal is to add a little fun to your fitness. Last year I attended Mindy Mylrea's fitness games workout and it inspired me to create my own Field Day style workout for my Georgia Tech participants. I had a client ask me if getting in shape had to be intense all the time. I feel that depends on your goals, your time frame, and what you can commit to long term.  Fun and enjoyment is just as important to to include in your fitness routine, if I did not enjoy working out I would quit after I reached a goal. So This year at IDEA World I made sure to attend Brett Kilka's Adult Fitness Games for some extra inspiration. I've put my own spin on some of the games I have seen to create a workout that is fun and benefits your fitness.

Do you have any suggestions for fitness games I could include? Comment below or Tweet me your ideas.

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