Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Lunchtime Dose of Orange Theory

Have you tried Orange Theory?

From their website : "Orangetheory Fitness uses the science of Heart Rate Based Treadmill Interval Training, the efficiency of Indoor Rowing for increased power and the proven concept of Weight Training Blocks to create the fitness level and body you have always desired."

My manager and her daughter invited us out to try the workout. You know I could not say No to a workout invite. Last year I saw orange theory advertised at the Peachtree runners expo but had never tried it and did not know anyone who had tried it. So I was excited to participate in the orange theory workout.

I have not had this much fun in a workout in a long time. It is an hour long workout and our day included a strength block. Our group started on the treadmill with sprints and moderate incline, there was also an option for power walkers too. Then we moved to the rowers: 100 metere and 10 Dumbbell clean and press, we added an additional 100 meters each round. 

Next we moved to our 1st strength block: BOSU squat and curl, OH tricep extensions, and Curnch and press 10 reps 3-4 rounds. Quick transition and back on the treadmills for hill work. Monitoring our heart rate the whole time, hitting 50%, 85%, and 90% throughout the workout. Then 1 more strength block of strap squat jacks, curls and lat pulls, and core reach outs. I am an intensity junkie and this was a great fit for me.

What I loved:
- use of heart rate zone training: when I do my own cardio I utilize THRR and I feel this is the most effective way to train
- interval training: you know I love my HIIT and the science supports it as an effective way to achieve fat loss and avoid plateaus
- variety of exercises: we rowed, ran, pushed, pulled, and even worked the BOSU loved the variety 

What I'd like to see more of:
- coaching for beginners: the majority of my coworkers had not trained like this before and the felt a little overwhelmed even with the 30 minute intro. 
- form checks: BOSU and Suspension training require some level of skill and some in my group wanted a little more coaching. I did see our instructor make rounds and provide assistance.
- explanation of exercises & heart rate: we did go through a 30 minute intro but my co workers still had multiple questions post workout. Our instructor did a stick around and offer us the opportunity for Q&A post workout.

Overall I enjoyed my experience. Great for the experienced athlete. Could be intimidating for the beginner or novice athlete. But, there are options for beginners. If there were a convenient location for me I would go back again. If you have one in your area they do offer a free guest pass. Try it out and let me know what you think.

Have you tried orange theory?
What did you think?

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