Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Days in the A

I had a busy and productive Saturday:  Team WOD, Food for Fuel Discussion, Yoga, and Virginia Highlands Fest!

These days the only Crossfit I can squeeze in is on the weekends.  Which is great it means I get to participate in our Team WOD! This week Ladies Vs. Gents, Tara and Larissa v. Keith and Jay.

Cleans - Yaaay, Burpees - Yaaay, Kettlebell Swings - Yaaay, Double Unders - Dang it!

Double Unders are my weakness. Oddly enough my form gets better as I get fatigued (I am not fatigued yet in this photo :-p).

The ladies are victorious! A final Team WOD win for Tara.

Refueled, then Tara and I got together to share some nutrition tips and guidelines. It was great to be able to team up with a registered dietician. I know the standard guidelines and I have attend multiple sports nutrition workshops, but nutrition can be very complex. It was great to be able to share notes with someone who can clarify those complex concepts.

We also swapped some snacks. Tara brought Paleo Protein bars and I brought my Cashew Chews!

Then I was off to teach Vinyasa Flow at Yoga Around the Corner. 

From there I grabbed some grub at Whole Foods, I love their Chicken Fried Tofu! 

Then I met up with my girlfriend Erin for the Virginia Highlands Fest. 

There were lots of art and food vendors. We explored some of the boutiques after getting in all the summer walking we could stand.  I did make one purchase while I was there .

Mmmmm this soap is so fragrant!

I have to stay busy, even on the weekends. So mission accomplished ;-)

I love summer in Atlanta, all the different neighborhoods are hosting festivals! You can find one pretty much every weekend. 

What is your favorite summer festival to attend?

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