Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cardio Confession

Ummmm... 16 days until the Peachtree! 

Cardio Confession,
I have not run since Memorial Day Weekend.

We completed 2 miles during "Murph" on Memorial Day.

Prior to that we spent "military weekend" in Jacksonville, Fl . 

We completed a little over 3 miles.

I need to do some serious cardio over the next few weeks or the Peachtree will be brutal!

I guess nothing will be worse than the 1st yr I ran it. No training, never more than 6 miles. I was a giant ball if knots at the end.

Hopefully my strength will get me through the run. 

I usually adhere to a strict training regimen, but this season I have been focused on lifting and Crossfit. I looked up and it was nearly race day! 

So your turn. Tell me:
What is the shortest amount of time you've prepped for a race? 

I think I see some cardio in my future today after work! 

Health and Happiness
- L 

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