Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Atlanta Streets Alive October 17th: Recap!

Atlanta Streets Alive was last week.

Me and my volunteer crew of 2 headed down shortly after kickoff.
Sporting our new T-shirts from we started in Woodruff Park with the engineers without borders booth where we attempted to dunk an engineer.  My little cousin was much closer to that than I was.  Then we made our way up Edgewood to Hurt Park to check out the space for my workouts.

I really enjoyed working out in the park.  I spend 8 hours a day indoors at a desk job with a little window for sunlight.  After that, I usually go inside the gym and spend 1 hour either teaching or training and spend about 2 hours training myself.  Then it is dark out.  To spend the afternoon outside in the sunlight felt so freeing. Using the grass as my work out mat, the wind was my fan, and my participants were my mirror and I was theirs.  It was so nice to roam free. It made me more excited about starting my fitness business and take advantage of the great weather we have hear in Atlanta.

After the workout we roamed around the entire area.   I learned that my mom is an excellent hula hooper.  We made a pit stop at one of the Hula Hoop action points about the route, apparently Hula Hoop is a hot fitness trend and sooooo fun.  We spent about 10 minutes Hooping it up!  Til the little 8 year old showed us all up by whipping around like 8 at once.  Then we hit up Urban Relay and did a quick relay race, I won !We walked about 3 miles all the way up Edgewood and back. 

It was a lot of fun, and I hope they invite me out again next time!

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