Sunday, October 17, 2010

1/2 Marathon Training: Week 8

This week was a cold one. The temperature was a chilly 43 degrees to start our run. Our running coach, Tina, has a great blog entry about choosing clothing for different temperatures, Whatever Shall I Wear. Our long run took us from Dick's Sporting Goods to Oglethorpe University and back. I was very glad I opted to sport the running gloves, cold hands are completely distracting. Within the 1st 2 miles a silver fire hydrant tried to jump up and trip me, but I won that battle. I felt I had a good solid tempo and I was even able to chat up some fellow runners and several of the running coaches. At the end of the run my legs were sore but overall I felt really good.

This weeks speaker was Dr. Perry H. Julien, a sport podiatrist's in Atlanta that has been working with the Atlanta Track Club for several years. Dr. Julien was great, he had lots of really graphic pictures and great practical advice. He talked about all the different sports injuries runner's can suffer and how about 90% of those injuries are preventable. He gave us all a copy of his book Sure Footing: A Sports Podiatrist's Perspective on Running-and Exercise-Related Injuries, it is filled with pictures and is a fairly easy read. One of the coaches said it is a great reference/diagnostic guide for any injury below the waist. This will be a great help to me as I continue my runner's journey as well as guide me in assisting a client who suffers an injury.

Runner's Log Week 8

Pre Run Rest: 6 hours

Temperature: 43'
Distance: 9 miles
Time: 1:37:08
Pace: ~5.6 MPH
Calories Used: 1162
Average HR: 168 BPM
Max HR: 191 BPM

Post Run Stretch: 10 Leg Swings, 10s alt unilateral quad stretch, 10s unilateral hamstring stretch, 10s unilateral calf stretch - Repeat 2x, bilateral hamstring stretch, unilateral hipflexor stretch, abductor hip push - Repeat 2x

Post Run Rest: Midnight to 9am, 9 hours, yaaay sleep

Health and Happiness


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