Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stuff I Love: BPA free Nalgene Bottle

OMG so excited about my brand new Nalgene Bottle. I was so excited I had to go show one of my co-workers, they were not as excited as me ;-)

Sometime I forget that fitness people get excited about things that most people don't. Which brings me to a new piece to my blog - Stuff I love! I'll just breifly talk about the products that I actually use and love and can't live without :-D
I love you new Nalgene Bottle:

I am so very sorry I left you for your aluminum brother, but now I am back, and I will never leave you again ... or at least not until a new warning comes out about a health danger you impose... thanks for being BPA free, I promise to keep you in a cool dry place, I promise to handwash you nightly to prevent the growth of bacteria and that nasty mold stench, I promise to promptly replace you if you are cracked, warped, or destroyed by my own clumsiness, and lastly I promise to use you for good and not for evil ;-) (good - hydration, evil - hitting my fiance' when he doesn't do his push ups to true fatigue).

So I tried the environmentally friendly aluminium bottle. But, it just is not for me. They are very heavy and it did not fit comfortabley in most fitness equipment I used. Plus, I am a visual person, so I need to see the water to gauge my intake for the day and encourage my consumption (now that i think of it i prefer glasses, jars, and bottles to cans in all things). I was not consuming enough water, if any, utilizing my aluminum bottle. Plus I am not really a fan of the metallic taste or the fact that I try to workout and drink and tend to clip my teeth with the bottle, in which case, metal is not my friend.

BPA free Nalgene Bottle

Okay so now that we have thoroughly examined my emotional connection to my new bottle lets get to the stats that make me love my new bottle:

- wide mouth opening : easier to clean and easy access for ice and pouing in or emptying out smoothies and other thick beverages

- easy to read oz and ml notches: makes tracking your water intake easy, and allows for easy measuring and mixing of smoothies and performance shakes

- thick, durable, plastic : i can drop it on most surfaces (not concrete) and it can survive

- light weight: I can comfortabley run with it in my hand or in a bag without feeling weighed down

- sheer: I can see what I am drinking and how much I am drinking. I make a game out of it. 32oz in 4hrs or the 1st half of the day and 32 oz b4 the end of the work day and complete at least 1 bottle through pre-workout-post training session.

To sum it up, I love my new BPA free Nalgene Bottle because, it is see thorough, light weight, durable, easy to read, and is big enough for my multipurpose needs and is the only way I have been successful at getting the amount of water I need in a day and during workouts.

How do you like to carry your water or fitness drinks?

Do you love the new aluminum bottles?

Tell me about the stuff you love in the comments section below.

For more on Nalgene follow this link.

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