Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Will They Be Back?

Last week was the 1st full week back of fitness classes.

I feel like the cardio kickboxing class went great. The class was a little quiet, but I think that was just newbie nerves, 1/2 of the participants were new to the fitness program and new to me, I had my 1 lunch time regular but I don't think I had taught the rest of them before. I have found a formula that works great for this class with this population so I plan to stick with what works.

Now for SWEAT and Burn, this is the strength cardio hi-brid I developed based on a class I took at an SCW conference. It is designed to be an intense class and I believe this is the 3rd time I have taught it, each time tweaking it a little. The first time I taught it the combos were too complicated for me to remember so I always had to use a cue card and it was too easy, the time for each exercise was too short - by the end of the session the class was still requesting more cardio and more toning. The second time I taught it I lengthened the strengthen segment and I had a group of returning clients - but they were still requesting more core exercises and cardio at the end.

So for this go round I decided to extend the core segment and add a 5 minute cardio blast at the end. After the 1st day the class was looking at me like I was an insane person. The description of the class reads "This is not your average toning class! Develop strength and power through explosive plyometric, stability, and strength intervals. Experience a challenging full body workout and achieve a new level of fitness. Bring water and a towel - you will need it!".

So the test will be...will they be back?
Will post later to let you know.
UPDATE - They came back, as a matter of fact, they doubled!!! Largest class so far!

Have you ever been turned off by a class?
Why did you not come back?

let me know in the comments section.


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