Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Peachtree Road Race: So the peachtree went great for me, finished the 10k in 1:00:28, taking about 2mins off my old time and meeting my goal of 1hr. Next years goal is 55 minutes. I am also considering running the atlanta half marathon...just for fun...the goal being Survival

HERS 3 Day and 12 Week: So I am done with all my speed training time to ease back into the strength training. So I am starting with a 3 day full body toning program, I love this particular program because it only takes 45mins as opposed to my hardcore 1hr plus workouts. It is also supper simple mostly dumbells, med balls, and body weights. I am also doing the HERS 12 week Abs don't know if I am a fan of this program as much, but I havent done the program through its entirety yet. In addition to that I am aiming for 90mins of cardio on my off days, purely for weight loss (rationale: 30mins = health benefits, 60mins = cardiovascular gains, and 90mins weightloss) my cardio will consist of 30mins running, 30mins bike, 30mins eliptical. on training days i like to try and get in 30mins of interval training.

Yesterday was day 1...I hurt!

Time for Group Fitness: So I teach sunday, monday, and tuesday...cardio dance, kick boxing GRAVITY Interval...Tonight I am teaching a cardio boxing workshop in a "train the trainer" format, I'll be helping other fitness instructors who think they're interested in teaching kickboxing learn the basics. Wednesday night is Intermediate bellydance practice with Majida Anwar and Thursday is ATS Tribal practice with Majida. Friday meeting up with fellow instructors for Happy Hour. Saturday the Beyond 300 workout and training with a client followed by ATS Bellydance workshop and Bellydance show.

Phew it is gonna be a busy week of fun and fitness.

Will post my 3 workout plans within the week ... maybe you can find success in them too!

Health and Happiness


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