Monday, July 20, 2009

ATKINS Modified: End Week 2

Weight Loss: 6lbs
% Body Fat Reduced: 2%
Mood: Satisfied most days, Hungry and Irritable occasionally
Training Mode: 3 Days of Moderate Endurance Weight Training, 3 days of Ab work, at least 3 Days a week of Moderate Aerobic Fitness Classes, NO HIGH INTENSITY CARDIO.

Comments: So I spoke before about how restrictive the Atkins diet is for the 1st 2 weeks, asking you to creep down to a low 20g carbohydrate, which really limits you to eating salads as a source of vegatables (2.5c of salad = approx g Carbohdrate/CHO) and cheese as a source of calcium (2% Cheese = 2g CHO ). So I added 1 cup Orange Juice (26g CHO) in the morning, and 1 banana (29g CHO) as a snack. I was nervous about trying to do my daily cardio routine, usually high intensity interval training, on such a low carbohydrate load (low for me approx 100g CHO – my training diet is approx 127g on light workout days and 167g on heavy training days).
Week 3 I get to add cooked vegetables
Week 4 Nuts and seeds

Give you another Atkins update in 2 weeks!

Health and Happiness


Jim Purdy said...

I'm low-carbing it myself. I'll be watching for your progress reports. Best wishes.

Larissa said...

Thanks for stopping by Jim, I am definately a self proclaimed carb junkie, it has been a complete shift in food theory for me. The real test will be this week as I slowly add in my cardio workouts.