Monday, June 15, 2009

Follow Up - SCW Mania ATLANTA

Things I learned at SCW Mania:

- muscles are sexy
- I am a certified Urban Striptease Instructor (contact me for classes)
- I can function from 6:15am to 10pm if I really want to
- women can be muscular and pretty
- women can be muscular and masculine
- Sara Kooperman (founder of SCW) is awesome
- kettle weights are not as scary as I thought the were
- I am still not a fan of BOSU (I am balance challenged)
- I am a fan of ZUMBA
- EFit total gym is awesome! and so in Natalie Heckert its creator
- BBQ and Margaritas are a great combination
- if you workout for over 7 hours in one day you will hurt the next day, ALOT
- Tricia Murphy-Madden is so much fun to dance with
- you can do pull ups using a body bar and and 2 strong people
- circuit training can be very exciting
- Dynamix sells spa and body products as well as music
- agility and plyometric progressions are more fun when you use a slingshot(
- fitness people are so friendly, empowering, and motivating
- there is a right time to eat carbohydrates to get the most out of it
- serving as an SCW Staff Assitant is both rewarding, fun, and a great learning experience ( i will definately be back again)

Health and Happiness

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