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#UNSTINKABLE Event Athleta: Body Weight Circuit with Atlantic Station

Disclosure: I was invited to host a workout as part of Athleta's #UNSTINKABLE top promotion. I received an Athleta top as part of my participation in the promotion. All opinions are my own.

Athleta hosted company wide workouts to promote their Unstinkable tops with Polygiene. What makes these tops different? "Natural silver salts in the fabric stop odor-causing bacteria from raising a stink. Less laundry for you and more time doing what you love" - Athleta. I sweat so much when I workout and teach, so a top that can hold up to that would be great. So I kept my top on for several hours after I led my my workout still no funk. So far so good. As always the tops are stylish and high quality.

I had a blast leading the Body Blast workout with the Athleta Atlantic Station! We went through an 8 exercise circuit working the entire body using just our body weight, no equipment necessary! Here is the circuit we completed:

1. Squat Thrust "Burpee" (Cardio - Total Body)
  • From standing squat down and place hands on the ground slightly wider than shoulder width apart 
  • Extend the hips and hop or walk the feet back until you are in a plank position
  • Flex the hips and hop or walk the feet to the hands
  • Extend the hips and stand or hop up to standing position

2. Speed Skate (Cardio - Total Body)
  • From standing neutral position, lead foot takes a lateral side step or leap, other foot crosses behind
  • Front arm swings across the body
  • As opposing limbs move the obliques activate during rotation

3. Lateral Squat w Hip Abduction to Calf Raise (Lower Body)
  • From standing neutral position, lateral side step and lower into a wide stance squat
  • At the top of the squat abduct leg lifting laterally and away from the body
  • Adduct leg bringing it back to the center, plantar flex lifting the heels off the ground into a calf raise
  • Drop heels and return to neutral standing position
  • Repeat on the other leg

4. Rear Lunge w Hip Extension (Lower Body and Core)
  • From standing neutral position, extend one leg back, keep other foot planted on the ground
  • Bend both legs, flexing at the knees
  • Lift back foot off of the ground extending at the hip
  • Extend arms forward and extend at hip until arms and leg form a straight line from fingertips to ankle and chest is parallel to the floor (advanced progression)
  • Engage core and slowly bring leg back to the ground, bring arms down to the side, return to standing neutral position

5. Inchworm to Side Plank (Core and Upper Body)
  • From standing neutral position flex at the hips and bring hands to the ground in front of or to the outside of the feet
  • Walk the hand forward until the hips are extended into plank position and hand are directly under the shoulders
  • From plank position rotate through the hips, opening the chest, and extending 1 arm toward the sky. Forming a straightline from extend arm to supporting arm in side plank

6. Lateral Walking Plank (Core and Upper Body)
  • From plank position abduct shoulder and legs moving laterally across the floor
  • Adduct shoulders back to neutral plank position
  • Repeat left and right covering as much space as you have

7. Triceps Push Up (Core and Upper Body)
  • From neutral plank position or kneeling plank with hands positioned directly under the shoulders
  • Flex at the elbows lowering the chest to the ground
  • As the elbows bend keep them as close to the body as possible to 

8. V-Sit w Knee Lifts (Core)
  • From a seated position, flex the knees, plant feet on the floor, flex a the hips so the body forms a V
  • to prevent roudning of the upper back, roll shoulders back, press the chest forward, to create flat back
  • From the V-sit position lift 1 knee towards the chest while the other foot stays on the ground
  • Alternate knee lifts
  • Bring opposing elbow to knee, alternating knee lifts (advanced progression)
We performed each exercise for 45 seconds with a 15 second rest between each exercise. I included a 10 minute warm up, 2 minute recovery between each round, and 10 minute cool down. Each round was 8 minutes of work and 2 minutes of recovery, for a total of 10 minutes per round. We repeated the circuit 3 times, 30 minutes of conditioning. Total workout time 50 minutes. If you're doing this workout at home you could shorten the warm up and cool down to meet your time limits. In 20 minutes you could get in a total body workout!

Did you participate in an Athleta workout this weekend? Comment below and give a shout out to your local Athleta! Thank you Athleta Atlantic for inviting me to participate in today's event!

Health and Happiness,

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