Sunday, October 28, 2012

I ain't scared of no ghost!

I am a huge fan of scary movies (the suspenseful ones not the slasher flicks), and scary stories, never been a fan of the live action haunted houses. I don't like other people invading my emotional space, I don't like to mess with my fight or flight reflex :-P I've heard neither flight nor fight are encourage at these attractions ;-)

I enjoy a nice controlled scare... And well I really enjoy scaring my sister :-) 

So my sis and Anthony decided we should take a trip to Netherworld! Alicia was so excited how could I say no.

The experience begins in the parking lot.

We got there pretty early, near opening so we flew through the line. 
There were 2 experiences Banshee and The Hive. Combo ticket deal, all over that.

Then through the museum; A character scared a girl so bad she fell and dropped her phone.

We had so much fun. Banshee got my adrenaline pumping and The Hive was creepy. I managed to maneuver myself to the middle position. Soooo Alicia got the biggest scares

but yeah I screamed too ;) Anthony spent most the night laughing at us.

Overall a fun night out with my sis and the hubs. 

I was able to experience one of the best  Haunted House Attractions in America, and not wee my pants :-P I was amazed by their attention to detail  and the full sensory overload that they created. It was like being on the set of a horror movie.

It was a pretty cool attraction and I am glad I gave it a try.  The sounds of my sister's screams were enough to make the whole night worth it :-) ... okay, some of those might have been mine too.

Fitness Scale: Low intensity walking, with intervals of elevated heart rate

What has been your most memorable Haunted House experience?

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