Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1/2 Marathon: The Finish Line

So how did it all end...

It was a gorgeous fall day, sunny but cold, I got to start in the first corral.
I was nervous but excited, mostly nervous that I would need to pee and there would be no where for me to go. I remember every beautiful mile like it was yesterday...

Ready - Set - Go
A lot of the men dart off to the sidelines - apparently they forgot to go pee.
Mile 1 - okay my pace is a little to fast, my goal is 10 min miles so I can finish at 2hrs and 10mins. If i start to fast I'll burn out. Feeling good tho, the crowd is thick and people are cheering me on...the faster runners dart by me.

Mile 3 - okay i've completed a 5k, still ahead of my pace, averaging about 9:30 miles.
Feeling good feeling great.

Mile 6 - Okay i've completed a 10k, still ahead of pace, feeling great tho! starting to get a little warm, wondering if I wore to much clothing.

Mile 10 - Okay just 3 more miles to go! I am feeling so good. And there is my boyfriend wait at the corner, he gives me a smile and a wave, I skip by blowing kisses - I wonder if the skipping was a bit much.

Mile 11 - Oww my ankle hurts Everything else feels fine but what is up with my right ankle.
And where did all these hills come from.

Mile 12 - I guess the seritonin kicked in I am feeling great again. Can't feel any pain in my ankle anymore. Still ahead of pace. Legs feel strong, heart feels strong, and look, yaaay another hill.

Mile 13 - Finally, I am almost there. .1 mile to go... i didn't know .1 mile could feel so long. Up the hill to the olympic rings and it's all downhill from here. I take a deep breath and sprint it out!

Finish time: 2:06:50 about 3mins 10secs ahead of schedule!

Oh yeah, I did it, kicked butt.

An hour later...I felt my ankle... rest-ice-compress-elevate!

Haha and I haven't run since - can we say burnout.
I went to crosstraining on the eliptical and bike to keep up the cardio.
I plan to start running again to pre-qualify for the peachtree.

But my new venture is the 60 day workout - INSANITY!

Stay posted for that.

Health and Happiness


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