Tuesday, November 24, 2009

1/2 Marathon : 36 hours til Race Day

Week 12: 12 miles in 2hrs. OMG I hurt so bad at the end of the run. Mostly my knees. Of course I was bad, I drank the night before, didn't hydrate, and didn't get enough sleep. The pain is ridiculous i guess this is what I get to look forward too. But even with the pain I'm not exhausted, I can complete that last mile on pace I am sure.

Week 13: 8.75 miles YES! 1:27 mins. Again didn't prepare very well. Didn't hydrate, drank coffee, stomach cramping the entire run. But hey I got through it and right on pace too. Chilly but beautiful day. This route took us through the brookhaven neighborhoods...absolutely gorgeous view. Annnd they fed us breakfast after the run, yummy! I'm glad I did this training for the past few months, but now I'm just ready for all this to be over.

48 hrs: So I am past the 48hrs before the race. I have been trying to hydrate, I'm 4 glasses in, I am aiming for 12. tonight is my last night of real training, tomorrow I am allowed to either walk or rest...I think i'll use it to rest. No sense in hurting myself the night b4 the race.

Eating a big spaghetti dinner to continue my carb load tonight (You usually don't need to load for a 13 mile run, But I usually eat low carb meals, so I need to be sure I have the appropriate stores for my endurance run).

I have convinced my boyfriend to meet me near the end of the race, I know that is when I'll need the most encouragement, It'll be great to see him there, YAY!!!

So excited!!!

I'll try to remember to check in one more time tomorrow the night before the big run!

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