Sunday, September 27, 2009

Flash Back

So I disapeared for about a little over a month. School hit and things got really hectic really fast. So here's what's been going on...

ATKINS: Final Thoughts... overall, if you can get through the first half of this extremely restrictive diet the last 3 weeks are pretty good. The 1st 3 weeks I dropped more weight faster than I ever have...but by the time I got to the last 3 weeks I had gained it all back.
The Bad: I don't like feeling restricted. As soon as I came off Atkins I gained it all back. I went on a dessert binge. I ate dessert with every meal for about a tummy did not like this but my mouth did. I never looked lean...on other diets I'd look in the mirror and think ooo i can see it working, but on Atkins tho the body fat dropped lower than it ever has been, I couldn't physicall see the difference.
The Good: Atkins taught me that I rely on carbs way too much, I don't need high carb fillers with every meal. It has lead to some lifestyle changes I now consume the bulk of my carbs at breakfast and lunch and just go with a lean protein and veggies for dinner. I have also developed a craving for protein, replacing my craving for cakes, ice cream, and cookies.
YAY/NAY: would i try Atkins again...not the whole plan, but I have basically stuck to the last 2 weeks of it. I will always recommend eating a balanced diet consuming lean meats, complex-high fiber carbs, and multi colored fruits and veggies.

Back to School:
This semester I am really busy with my 2 classes.
Clinical Exercise Physiology and Psychology of Physical Activity.
I will be sure to post anything that we learn that blows my mind, or correlates with something in the news, or a question from a client.

Half Marathon Training:
I am into week 5 of my 1/2 marathon training.
Week 1 I fell during our 3 mile run and scraped up my knee and shoulder as I rolled to avoid serious injury.
Week 3 training runs ,I managed to get chaffing on my chest...r u kidding me I've never had chaffing before.
Week 4 was our 6 mile run, I finished in 1 hour flat, In the rain, Yeah buddy I rock.
Week 5, 7 mile run...I uh skipped it, my knees and ankles started hurting during my training runs on wednesday and thursday.
The program is 13 weeks and from here on out i'll post about how well this is going, I'm gonna make up my 7 mile run tonite.

My summer volleyball client lost 10lbs and improved her fitness levels in all areas, Yay, but decided not to tryout for the team. She would however like to continue sessions once both our schedules free up.

After 1 week of my 100's program, My male abs client is already starting to see definition in his upper abs and obliques, I am going to get permission from him to post pictures of his progress. He has also entered into a bodyfat challenge with his friends, which I hope will keep him motivated with our program. He has 16wks on his Abs program

I have a new female client who wants to try out for a NCAA Division II Volleyball Team. She is in another city but I have agreed to help her prepare for try outs. I have her set up on a 16wk strength and agility program. She starts her training this week.

I am starting small group personal training next weeks with members of university faculty, staff, and students. This will be my first none-private training sessions. I'll let you know how that works out. It will give me access to the best in fitness assessment equitpment and stength training equiptment as well as large studio space.

Pheww thats a lot,
but that's all for now,

Health and Happiness


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