Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Evolution of a Resolution

It's a new month and nearly a new year! Time to set some new goals! Looking back on the year did you complete your 2013 resolutions? What were some of your successes? What were some of your setbacks? Do you have a game plan to be increase your success this year?

I had 3 main resolutions last year:
Personal : Dedicate more time with family and friends.
Success - My sister and I are closer than ever and I have been present at more social events with friends.
Solutions - I accepted more invites, but I could do better at extending invites to family and friends and creating social interactions.

Health/Fitness: Be consistent with my workouts throughout the year.
Success - I worked out the entire year, with no longer than 2 weeks off at a time!
Solutions -  I did not structure a 12 month plan I just sampled different styles of programs. I want to be more deliberate in my progressions and periodization. I also need to be more consistent with my nutrition.

Professional: Be proactive in expanding my fitness career.
Success - I joined a fitness professionals group online, attended a conference, and gained several new skills and certifications.
Solutions - I am currently working to focus my fitness career goals . I would love to be a presenter and CEU provider for AFAA, ACE, and ACSM as well as contribute wellness content to various media sources.

Over the next 4 weeks we will reflect on the stages of change; determine what stage we're in, discuss how to progress to the next stage, create a plan to over come barriers, and create our 2014 SMART goals!

Did you conquer all of your resolutions from last year?
Comment below and share your success and solutions!

Health and Happiness

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