Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Half Way: Half Marathon Training

I am getting good.

Week 7: 8 mile run, or so, the route was hilly. It was a little painful, legs ached, chest ached, rather winded, But, I survived it.

Week 8: 9 mile run, weather the low is 43 and the high will be 50, route from the university to the publix and back, time: 1:33.
I've driven this route before, but it was pretty cool to run it, soooo much further when you run it. OMG the weather was ridiculously cold so the night before I bought a cold weather long slevee shirt and long cold weather pants from Target (this will probably be my outfit for race day).

Soooo, the run went great, I had a nice steady rate of about 10min/mile, legs felt great, heart felt great, and with the addition of a skull cap and gloves I stayed perfectly temperate.

4 miles to my GOAL!

Photos courtesy of Target:

Health and Happiness

- L -

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