Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Fitness classes:
I am currently teaching 4 classes this semester!
2 Gravity/GTS classes, 1 Kickboxing class, and 1 Cardio Dance.

My Kickboxing and Cardio Dance classes have been packed, over 30 participants per classs!
Now I've gotten down to a managable 15 person class, but the more the merrier!
A 30 participant classes gives off a lot of energy, and as an instructor i feed off of tha, and i feel i put on a much better performance with a large audience.

Cycling, I took an all day cycling class with AFAA last week. It was great, now I think I am ready to teach a cycling class, and i just might, the second half of the semester!

I just can't stop going to trainings! I am a learning junkie!

I plan to attend the RKTeamNutrion workshop in March, that should be fun.

I finished my 1st semester of Grad school with a 3.85, not bad for my debut.

I am taking 2 very cool classes this semester: Sports Law and Fitness Program Management.
I am hoping these classes will help to prepare me for the business side of the Fitness Industry.
So far so good, I have been learning so much.

I guess the best thing to do, will be to post whenever i learn something new or interesting.

That's pretty much it for now, need to study for my midterms.

Health and Happiness

- L -

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